INABIAF Software is a small group of consultants offering IT solutions for small to medium businesses in the Burnett region. Small businesses often don’t have on-site technical experts to solve their daily IT issues. Our solutions utilize a combination of industry proven technology and require minimal ongoing maintenance. Solutions to suit all budgets from home based to high end multi-location environments. Planning a combination of proven software and hardware packages will allow your business to do what it does best without the additional stress of IT related issues.

INABIAF was originally established in 1991 by Ross Walter and Sean Kelly, primarily to develop software for the running of real estate businesses in South East Queensland. The name INABIAF stands for “It’s Not A Bug, It’s A Feature”, which we felt summed up our attitude to delivering bug-free, feature-rich software to our clients.

Together we have gathered over 40 years of experience in the computing industry.